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The benefits of palisade fencing

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If you’re considering a new type of security fencing for your property or premises the number of options available can make the decision a tough one. With fencing solutions made from a range of materials all boasting different benefits – which do you go for?

Whatever you’ve narrowed your choices down to, if security is the top of your priority list, palisade fencing should certainly be a serious contender. Why? Read on to find out more about palisade fencing and its benefits.

What is palisade fencing?


Palisade fencing is constructed by using two horizontal running rails to which vertical joists are attached. This type of security fencing comes in varying heights depending on what your requirements are and it’s not uncommon for palisade fencing to be up to 3m high.

The vertical joists usually come in either a ‘D’ or ‘W’ shape.  Providing the vertical joists are erected close enough together palisade fencing provides an inaccessible barrier making it a perfect solution for the more security conscious.

But the construction is not only what makes palisade fencing an excellent security measure.

One of the distinctive features about Palisade is the top finish. Quite often, the vertical joists will feature a point, sometimes even a triple point, making them very hard to scale without the risk of injury.

Other top finishes include square or rounded and, whilst not as formidable as the pointed top finish, still provides an excellent deterrent to intruders and might be considered slightly more attractive.

types of top finish palisade fencing warefence

Types of top finish


The benefits of palisade fencing


Palisade fencing has long been a firm favourite when it comes to securing property and land. So much so, that the ancient Greeks and Romans were known to construct palisade style fencing around their military camps and medieval fortresses around Europe were protected by wooden palisade fencing. As an example, when installing such fencing to a company in Manchester, many neighbouring companies had installed similar fencing and coupled it with alarm systems which would have been put in place by an appropriate Manchester intruder alarm installation company. This just shows that following such simple steps of security can massively help the business in many ways.


reconstruction of palisade fencing in medieval germany

Reconstruction of a palisade in medieval Germany


Today palisade fencing is normally made of steel making it durable and difficult to breakdown whilst the design alone provides a strong visual deterrent.

Whilst the use of ‘D’ shaped joists provides substantial security, ‘W’ joists are particularly recommended to increase security as they make the fence very difficult to climb and adding spiked top finishes make the climb very uncomfortable should an intruder make it to the top!

The benefits of palisade fencing aren’t limited to security. Palisade is incredibly popular when it comes to industrial and commercial sites. From airports to warehouses – it provides low maintenance and simple solution to securing perimeters.

But palisade security fencing doesn’t just have to be made from steel; wooden planks or stakes can also be used to make palisade fencing which is ideal for residential properties, farms or even schools. The height of the fencing can be bespoke to your needs and whether made of steel or wood, they are easy to paint making them a more attractive addition to the property.

The fact that the use of palisade fencing has been used for thousands of years dating back to the ancient Greeks is a testament to its effectiveness as a highly secure fencing solution. But now with a variety of options – from materials, colours and finishes – palisade shouldn’t just be considered for commercial properties.


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