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Everything you need to know about school fencing

School Fencing
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School fencing keeps children safe inside your school premises and prevents intruders outside the grounds. Using the right materials, you can install school fencing that’s durable, secure, and has a positive appearance. A fence doesn’t have to look intimidating to prevent intruders. By working with the right commercial fencing contractors any school can install incredible fencing that improves your school’s safety.

Every school has different needs, especially when it comes to security. However, high-quality school fencing offers several benefits for all schools. Let’s explore why you should work with a commercial fencing service to install school fencing.

Benefits Of Having Fencing At Your School

Protect Pupils & Staff

Unfortunately, schools are often the target of break-ins. Intruders will always look for an opportunity for easy cash, prevent this occurring by removing any gaps in security with high-quality school fencing. Anyone responsible for school safety has to safeguard against threats to pupils. 

The Department of Education has mandated security measures to maintain the welfare of children. School fencing is a crucial aspect of these measures that protect both pupils and staff while on school grounds. Every school has to safeguard itself against several threats, vandals, intruders, and thieves, for example. Secure and durable school fencing is a key deterrent and preventive feature against any of these crimes.

Transform Outside Appearance 

Large, intimidating fencing may be secure and safe. It may also be the best option for a business or other commercial property. However, school fencing shouldn’t be scary, they should contribute to a positive, friendly, and welcoming appearance. This shows that your school is a safe place that values the well-being of your pupils.

Using the right materials, fencing contractors can install cost-effective and flexible fencing that’s secure while being welcoming. The best design and colours will depend on your school’s preferences and requirements. Having a safe and positive learning environment helps children relax and break times and focus in lessons.

Reduce Truancy 

Pupils truanting from lessons and school grounds is a persistent problem. This not only affects children’s education but puts them at risk as well. A commercial fencing contractor can install school fencing that reduces truancy rates. They can work with you to design fencing that incorporates secure access points that make it simple for teachers to manage who enters and leaves school grounds.

Truancy is a major problem for secondary schools and colleges especially. While it is an issue at primary schools and can be more dangerous as the children are younger, it’s easier to prevent. With the right school fencing and secure access points, any children can only leave the grounds at designated times.

Warefence School Fencing

At Warefence, as a commercial fencing contractor, we supply high-quality, durable school fencing. Whether you’re responsible for the security of a college, secondary, or primary school our team can supply fencing that matches your requirements. Keep your pupils and staff safe and your school grounds protected from intruders.

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