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When you need to control visitor access to your premises Warefence can help, with an access control system specific to your needs.
These systems control gates and points of access such as turnstiles and barriers, so that only designated people and vehicles are allowed in. Generally seen as an additional security measure, access control systems can be governed in different ways to suit your budget and specific requirements.

Vehicular & Pedestrian Access Gates

Rising kerbs, blockers, telescopic barriers and anti-ram posts can all be used to help protect your site, and prevent unwanted vehicles from accessing the area.

Rising arm barriers or static barriers offer a cost effective way of controlling vehicle movement around your site. Giving excellent vehicle control, rising arm barriers can span openings of up to nine metres, and are available in a selection of colours.

High Quality Gates

Warefence only supply and install gates manufactured by market leaders, for your peace of mind. These include gates for both vehicles and pedestrians, operated either manually or automatically.

Cantilever sliding gates offer durability and high levels of security. They may be automated and powered in both manned and unmanned situations offering remote access control, alongside CCTV if required.

To discuss the various access control systems available, and to find out what is most suitable for your requirements, please give us a call to find out how we can help or send us a message.