Railings provide an alternative to palisade systems with a much less severe appearance. It is an attractive fencing system manufactured in either tube or solid bar with a galvanized or polyester coated finish. It offers low to medium security and is normally used in areas where a more decorative finish is required and where the aim is to protect and segregate, rather than to exclude.

There are a number of different styles including bow top and vertical bar, giving the visual appeal of traditional railings.

Design and Specification Considerations for Recreational Areas

In all cases the fencing should not contain any safety hazards and RoSPA make use of the control recommendations contained in EN 1176 (the play equipment standard) when assessing fences.

Following RoSPA guidelines, fences should be constructed and erected in accordance with BS 1722 - 9, with a minimum height of 1.0m recommended.

Bow Top Railings

Bow Top Railings

These railings can be specifically designed and manufactured to hit the safety regulations required for play areas, residential areas and schools therefore making us RoSPA approved. The shaping of the arched top and the vertical tubing spacing to the horizontal railing are positioned specifically to avoid head and limb traps.

Vertical Bar Railings

Vertical Top Railings

These systems are available as both square and round vertical tube railings. Square verticals are positioned diamond to view to give maximum strength and aesthetic appearance and the tops of the tubes can be either flat or angle cut. Round verticals can also be supplied with optional flat cut or angle cut profile. Heights from 1.5 to 2.4 metres are available.