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School Fencing Contractors Keeping Children Safe in Schools

The team at Warefence are experienced fencing contractors who are committed to keeping children safe at school, as this latest news post explains in detail.

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A priority for any school is to provide a safe and secure learning environment for their pupils, and at Warefence we are dedicated to helping achieve this aim. As experienced and professional fencing contractors who have been operating since 1981, we have worked with a huge number of education institutions throughout southern England and South we know that we have the expertise to be able to handle your security fencing needs.

A Range of Solutions

At Warefence we understand that all schools have their own requirements depending on individual locations and their relative security issues, and with this in mind we offer various categories of security fencing: ‘Low risk areas/Segregation’, ‘Medium risk area’ and ‘High risk areas’. Our expert team can discuss the options and offer advice on what fencing is right for your school, as well as take you through what each solution offers in terms of security features.

Keeping out Intruders

As well as keeping children safe during school hours, you will need to protect the property from intruders out of hours as well. Schools now have an extensive array of computer and other learning equipment, which has made them increasingly attractive to potential criminals. Our Category 2 fencing provides a certain level of resistance to climbing and breaching, but for a comprehensive security solution our Category 3 fence systems have a height of at least 3 metres and can delay even the most resourceful of intruders.

Projecting a Positive Image

As with every aspect of your building’s exterior, you will want your fencing to help to provide a positive image for your school, rather than make the site resemble a prison! Reducing the visual impact of our fencing is one of our core aims particularly within this sector, and we do not believe that you need to compromise aesthetics for security.

To find out more about how the security fencing we provide here at Warefence can help to keep the children at your school safe, get in touch with us by phone on 01993 845279 or by completing our online enquiry form.