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Deciding on the best options for school fencing can be quite complicated. Getting both the security and aesthetics right is important, and that’s where Warefence can help.

Warefence work extensively in the education sector providing school fencing across the country.

The safety of your staff and children are our priority: all of our onsite operatives, contracts managers and directors who provide onsite visits are already or can be DBS checked to the appropriate level to ensure that we comply with all recent legislation.

We can install a wide range of security fencing, security gates and access control systems for general purpose, anti-intruder and high security, encompassing every element of the school environment.


Secure and Attractive

All school fencing systems should:

  • Project a positive image of the school
  • Provide a safe and secure learning environment with minimal visual impact on the immediate surroundings or neighbours
  • Be fit for purpose, whatever the specific requirement, and be fully compliant with current legislation


We can offer advice to help with Ofsted safeguarding visits, and are here to help throughout your school security review: we offer a site appraisal and no-obligation quotation, and will support you throughout your installation. We’ll ensure that the fencing system you choose meets the highest standards of product quality and installation, providing a long-term, risk-free solution.


Category 1

low risk

General purpose systems up to 2.4m high.
Chain link fencing
Welded mesh rolls
Vertical bar/bow top railings
Roll top panels


Category 2

Medium risk

Anti-intruder systems up to 2.4m high and offering a degree of resistance to climbing and breaching.
Chain link fencing
Welded mesh rolls
Profiled panels 200×50
Unequal aperture profiled panels


Category 3

high risk

High security fence systems with a height of at least 3 metres to deter and delay a resourceful attacker/vandal.
358 profiled/flat panels

Our fencing systems

It can be easier to find the type of fencing you’re searching for by looking at our portfolio, and then finding the name.
Please look through the images below, and click on the links to find out more information on fencing system for schools. If you would like some advice, why not give us a call on 01993 845 279.


We supply and install:

Rigid Mesh

Rigid Mesh Panels
Welded Mesh Fencing
Ball Stop Fencing

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Chain Link

Offering a level of
security for
a minimal budget

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Vertical Bar and Bow Top
RoSPA approved
DDA compliant

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Gates & Access

Manual or automated gates, cantilever sliding gates
Turnstiles and barriers
Emergency escape

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Steel Palisade

Cost effective

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Close board timber fencing
Post & rail fencing
Timber palisade fencing

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fencing types chart

Security Category Diagram