Six fun and funky ideas to transform your chain link fencing

Many properties, commercial and residential, have features that, regardless of what angle you look at them from, are just not that attractive and chain link fencing can certainly sometimes fall into this unaesthetically pleasing category.

In an ideal world, we’d have practical solutions to our fencing needs that are as beautiful as they are useful, but the reality is that finance, tenancy restrictions and feasibility issues get in the way.

When it comes to chain link fencing your options for improvement may seem limited but with a little imagination and, in most cases below, a minimal budget – you can completely transform your chain link fencing into something awesome, inspiring, or just downright cool.

Here are just a few ideas we’ve put together to help you convert your chain link fence into a thing of beauty!

1)     Use it as trellis (or add some!)

If your chain link fence is situated so that you can plant foliage at the base then you have yourself a perfect trellis! Bear in mind that the density of your plant may block out some sunlight so take some time to research your best options.

chain link fence flowers

Clematis which has grown into a chain link fence from

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