The Types of Metal Fencing and What They’re Best Used For

Why install a fence? What purpose does it serve? Are you too worried and confused about installing a fence around your property?

To begin with, there is no doubt that the Fencing around a house does serve some goals, the most powerful of which is defending the privacy and maintaining the safety of the inhabitants. Along with commonly used commercial and security fencing, they are also used for adding to the aesthetic appeal of the home exteriors. Therefore, it becomes very vital that you choose the right type of fence. Out of the many kinds of Fences in use today, Metal Fences are a popular choice.

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What to look for when buying quality security fencing

For companies who have expensive assets to protect and want to provide a safe and secure environment for their employees, having good security fencing is a must. Or if you are a school or other organisation, the safety of those inside your premises may be even more important, so choosing the right fencing for your need is vital.

The best fencing companies always strive to ensure that their fences are ahead of the game in the respect of ensuring that the materials and methods of erecting fences are subject to constant testing and improvement. So it’s good to check which companies seem to be the most up to date, as well as looking at the best offers. Continue reading “What to look for when buying quality security fencing”

Which Security Fencing and Gates Are Right For Your School’s Needs?

Choosing the right fencing for your school is very important for a whole host of reasons. First off, having the right fencing will show visitors to your school that you take security and the safety of your pupils very seriously. It also creates a boundary between private and public property, preventing unauthorised access into your school.

Fortunately, there is a wide range of security fencing available to suit all your needs. Below we’ve got a brief summary of the different types available to you, and what each is best used for. So read on to find out which fencing best suits your school!

Acoustic fencing

Noise pollution is increasingly becoming an issue, especially within inner-city areas. Fortunately, there are fences which can deal with some of the noise pollution of a nearby road or busy street outside your school. Acoustic fencing is made of several layers of wood which absorb and reflect sound.

Being wooden, they’re also sustainable and strong enough to provide good security as well. So if your school is in a noisy area, this could be the fencing solution you’re looking for.

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Legal Requirements for Children’s Playground Fencing

When it comes to our children, safety is imperative. Children’s playgrounds have their security standards in place even down to the fencing, because not just any fence would be suitable. Although children’s playgrounds fencing doesn’t have actual legal requirements, there are standards that operators should adhere to that ensures children’s safety at all times, or it would be seen as negligence.

Fences have three core functions. The first is obviously to keep kids in one safe area, so they can run around and not wander off anywhere dangerous. It also allows parents to have a bit of peace of mind while letting the kids play.

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Fun & Funky Ideas To Transform Your Chain Link Fencing

A chain-link fence is an affordable option that’s durable and secure. What often puts people off installing a chain-link fence on their property’s grounds is the style. Unfortunately, chain link fencing has negative connotations for many people. However, with a few simple changes, anyone can transform the look and style of their chain link fencing.

To help you unlock the benefits of chain link fencing we’ve put together some amazing fun ideas to adapt the fencing’s look. Let’s explore the best ways to do this and the benefits they offer, starting with using the chain links as a trellis.

Use it as trellis (or add some!)

Commercial fencing often suffers from a lack of individuality. This can be off-putting to customers and not contribute to a positive work environment for staff. Plants are a unique way to create a vibrant atmosphere on any commercial premises. Chain link fencing offers the ideal opportunity to add beautiful plants and flowers to the outside of your property.

A trellis is a structure, often found in gardens, that is constructed from an open framework. They follow a similar design to chain link fencing. These gaps are perfect to support climbing plants. Choose whatever plants suit the style of your property and connect them to the chain-link fencing. A good design tip is to intersperse flowers to add pops of colour to the trellis.

chain link fence flowers

Clematis which has grown into a chain link fence from

Cover With Wood Slats

Wooden slats are an affordable way to quickly transform the style of your chain link fencing. They’re also a non-permanent fixture, so you can adapt them further down the line. The metal of a chain-link fence tends to contrast with greenery. If there are large areas of grass around your commercial property, wooden slats are the perfect way to complement greenery and plants.

chain link fence wood slats

Hang Decorations

Decorations are a great way to create a positive work environment. This improves workplace productivity, presents a friendly appearance to clients and customers, and makes your property stand out. You can hang decorations all year round; however, you can also decorate your fencing in unique ways to celebrate events.

chain link fence glass gems

Corporate and employee birthdays, sales, and events are all reasons to celebrate. Add decorations to your chain link fencing to celebrate these events. This is a great way to improve workplace happiness and transform the style of your chain link fencing.

Warefence Chain Link Fencing

At Warefence, as a commercial fencing contractor, we supply high-quality, durable chain link fencing. Security is a crucial factor for any commercial property. Chain link fencing is the ideal solution that you can adapt to create an amazing style at your workplace. Combining durable, high-quality chain link fencing with our style tips is a great way to install fencing that’s perfect for your property.

Our team has years of experience and can supply fencing that matches your requirements. To find out more, call us on  or visit our contact page today.