Keeping your workplace secure and accessible

Fencing may not be a top of your list of business priorities, but it is much more important than you think. Whether you want the best possible security, a positive aesthetic, or a happy medium between the two, bespoke fencing can stand to benefit your business greatly.

Choosing the right fencing

When it comes to finding the right fencing, you need to be savvy. The material, the pattern and the spacing between the bars are all important aspects of your overall fence’s design, and height is another influence, particularly if you are employing a fence to keep intruders out.

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Dunnes, Bradford

PROJECT NAME: Dunnes Store


DATE OF PROJECT: October 2013

PROJECT TYPE AND APPLICATION: Paladin cage, gate and cable

tray protection to the air conditioning units on the stores flat roof.

FENCING SYSTEM/GATES USED: Bespoke framework clad with green paladin mesh.

Corten Steel, Kings Yard Energy Centre

Corten Steel at Kings Yard Energy Centre, London.

PROJECT NAME:  Kings Yard Energy Centre

PROJECT LOCATION: Stratford London


PROJECT TYPE AND APPLICATION: Supply and installation or Corten steel cladding to primary steelwork which had been erected by others, which forms ramp, stairs and lift shaft to access offices of Energy Company

FENCING SYSTEM/GATES USED: Corten Steel, laser cut and folder to our design


Choosing the Right Fencing Solution for You

When choosing fencing for your property it needs to be aesthetically pleasing as well as providing the safety and security you need, read on for more info

When choosing the right fencing solution, whether it’s for a high security site, a commercial property, a school perimeter or playground or a secure compound, you need to ensure you choose the one that perfectly complements the specific needs of your business. And that’s where the team here at Warefence can help. Continue reading “Choosing the Right Fencing Solution for You”