Why fencing around schools is so important

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Why fencing around schools is so important

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For some, fencing is usually associated with negative images of entrapment and a lack of freedom. However, the bottom line is that fencing is essential for several reasons, and with some of the attractive colours and designs available, fencing can offer security without creating a negative aesthetic.

Runaway students

Many children don’t like school, whether it’s because of bullies or stress from school work. However, schools with improper safety measures mean their students can wander off freely during play time and in worse scenarios, not return and end up skiving the rest of their lessons.

Schools are legally responsible for the safety of children between teaching hours, so if children were to escape the school and get hit by a car, then the school would be at fault for not employing sufficient fencing and security measures.

Neighbourhood security

Schools within residential areas not only owe safe fencing to its pupils but also owe it to the homeowners close to the school.

Children who escape during school hours may begin vandalising homes or abusing those walking down the street. Elderly residents may even feel physically threatened by certain pupils and fear for their safety, so it’s essential that schools employ correct fencing.


Parents aren’t always there to protect their children, and those children may believe a stranger when they say they’re going to give them a lift home. The possibility of their child being abducted is a parent’s worst nightmare, and without proper security measures, the risk of it happening will grow exponentially.

Between 2014/2015, there was a total of 1,141 child abduction and kidnappings recorded by police in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. This figure is scary enough without also considering the abductions that police haven’t yet recorded.

Keeping children in and intruders out is the main purpose of schoolyard fencing, and the durable materials and design of these fences mean that climbing or other kinds of breaches are out of the question.

Positive school image

Great-looking fencing can also offer a secure aesthetic for the school overall. Schools want to be seen by would-be parents as being a secure environment that can guarantee their children will be safe when they’re old enough to enrol, so it makes sense to invest in high-quality fencing.

For all the negative connotations associated with fencing, it really is one of the most attractive aspects of a school at first glance. The fencing doesn’t have to be cold, depressing steel either. A wide range of options are available to allow fencing to represent school colours.

Safe and sound

Without proper fencing, a school’s playground is left open to kidnappers, sexual predators and feral animals, plus the inevitable class-dodging that students will commit.

Of course, head teachers do not want to install prison-style bars in their educational establishments, but with sensible bespoke fencing from the experts at Warefence, parents can be guaranteed safety.