The importance of Safety Rails in Children’s Play Areas

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The importance of Safety Rails in Children’s Play Areas

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The design of playground rails plays an important role in providing protection from accidental falls; wandering away from the play area, and keeping a safe distance from strangers. There are many types of playground rails. One of them is the Palisade, another is Meshed Panels, and the third is Bow Top Railing. Today we hope to explain a little more about each of the main types and their different uses.

Palisade Type of Safety Rail

  • Palisade railing is known to provide complete security to the children with the help of strip steel systems. The installation of strip steel can be done in multiple forms. Each form has its benefits. The basic types are: triple-pointed, rounded, single-pointed and notched. The thickness of the pale starts from 2.0mm and can be up to 4.0mm. These are installed at the outer most section of the play areas. You need to choose the right set of parameters like height of pales, gate opening type and angle, distance between two consecutive pales and the static strength of pales to withstand climatic conditions.
  • You can choose the height of palisade fencing depending on your requirement. The thickness at the w-section and d-section play important roles in determining the stability of the railings. The standard height starts from 1.8mm and ranges up to 3.0mm. Minimum w-section thickness and 2.0mm and maximum are 2.5mm. Minimum thickness of d-section is 2.5mm and maximum thickness is 3.5mm. All these factors play important role in determining the protection from external risks like intruders and stray animals. They all help in keeping the children within the restricted zones, and preventing the possibility of climbing up the fencing due to curiosity, but the thicker the bars the more privacy provided, so this depends on your needs.

Meshed panel Fencing

This is a type of permanent site security which is mostly used in school playgrounds. The height of fencing varies from 1m to 3m.  The fencing provides complete security from vandalizing, intrusion misadventure and stray animals.  This type of fencing can also be installed between the playground and other areas of the school grounds, or partitioning areas for sports play, such as for tennis courts or football pitches.

Bow Top Railing

This type of railing is useful in making the playground safe from intruders and stray animals. The additional feature is the bow top which keeps the children safe from getting their clothes caught up between the rails or getting hurt on sharp edges. The height of the fencing varies from 1.0m to 3.0m and pale thickness varies from 19mm to 265mm. Standard post size is 60.0mm and standard post centre is 2.7mm. These specifications could vary depending on the safety requirements.

Railings on Play Equipment

Safety railings on climbers, playground slides, seesaws, swings, overheads, merry-go-rounds and other equipment can be provided to ensure fall safety and injury safety. The distance between two successive rails is provided in such a manner that children don’t get their body parts caught up between them. Rustproof metals with non-removable paints ensure safety from scratches.

The railings can also be artistic in nature and amuse the children who come to play in the playground. This will make their playtime interesting and even more fun. They also enhance the beauty of play equipment and the ground.