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Keeping your workplace secure and accessible

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Fencing may not be a top of your list of business priorities, but it is much more important than you think. Whether you want the best possible security, a positive aesthetic, or a happy medium between the two, bespoke fencing can stand to benefit your business greatly.

Choosing the right fencing

When it comes to finding the right fencing, you need to be savvy. The material, the pattern and the spacing between the bars are all important aspects of your overall fence’s design, and height is another influence, particularly if you are employing a fence to keep intruders out.

One of the most versatile types of fencing is rigid mesh fencing. The mesh is made up of thin metal strips but has such a tight pattern that there is little to no space for people to climb it. This fencing also gives users great visibility from both sides and demonstrates that you’re serious about security.

If you want to protect your building and prevent people from seeing what’s on the other side, there are several kinds of solid timber fences, which give users amazing durability with no gaps.

Doors and gates

You’ve decided on the type of fencing you want for your establishment, but now you need to consider how you and other authorised personnel are going to get through it.

Thankfully, there are plenty of options when it comes to access gates, which give an opening for easy access and just as much stability as the rest of the fencing.

For pedestrian access and construction sites, you can adopt a turnstile or a barrier to prevent users from entering before they have identified themselves.

Cantilever sliding gates are great for providing access to vehicles, and add extra convenience to deliveries when fitted with automated remote access controls. This lets you keep your guard up, without having to man the gate throughout the day.

A more cost-effective option is a rising arm barrier, which still does a great job of preventing unwanted vehicles from entering, but can give an opening to unauthorised pedestrians.


Fencing doesn’t have to be all about functionality, as many types of commercial fencing have been designed to invoke a positive look for your business premises or other building.

Depending on the level of security you want, there are attractive types of low to medium security fences that make your area look more welcoming, as opposed to trapping.

A great example of this is railings, which are typically spaced out further to give a more open feel to the building, as opposed to tight, wall-like mesh fencing. Vertical bar railings are constructed with an angled design to create the appearance of diamonds for maximum aesthetic appeal.

This kind of fencing is still secure too, with extras such as polyester coated finishes or a galvanised finishes for the solid tube-like bars. With a friendly, more welcoming appearance and a good amount of durability behind it, railing fences are perfect for children’s playgrounds or schools.

Fencing is such an important component of any business that you can’t afford to leave it as an after-thought. Without careful consideration, you could wind up with inferior fencing that lets intruders in, falls over from a gentle breeze or makes your entire company look shabby and undesirable.

Adopting quality fencing guarantees a quality aesthetic and added security, so rely on the Warefence team to help. With years of experience in the industry, we’re on hand to offer our assistance on anything and everything fences, so get in touch today.