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Warefence are experts in supplying and installing commercial metal fencing and security fences to secure your premises. With several types of metal fencing solutions available from railings for schools and playgrounds to security fence gates and access control – we supply the perfect type of fencing for your property.


Commercial and Security Fencing

Our large range of metal commercial fencing and security fence and access systems are designed to safeguard your property from intruders – preventing them from climbing or scaling the fence from any direction.

Working with leading commercial fencing manufacturers we can install your boundary security to the highest standard – giving you peace of mind that your premises will be well protected from intruder access.


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School Fencing

The best fencing solutions for schools combines aesthetics and security to ensure an attractive and safe environment for both pupils and staff. Appropriate metal fencing demonstrates a commitment to school security and Ofsted safeguarding regulations.

From bow top railings for play areas to chain link fencing for sports fields and school perimeters – we work with leading metal fencing suppliers to provide you with the ideal permanent protection solution for your school and playground.


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Rigid Mesh Fencing

Rigid mesh fencing panels are one of the most versatile types of metal fencing suitable for a wide range of applications on commercial, educational and industrial premises.

Boasting strength, durability and added rigidity, metal mesh fencing is the ideal solution if you are looking for security with minimal visual impact. We can supply most types of rigid mesh fencing designed – from roll top to profiled panels – all of which provide a cost-effective and secure fencing solution.


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Gates and Access Control

We offer a range of metal security gates from single or double leaf gates to sliding or tracked as well as static and raising arm barriers – all of which offer exceptional security for both vehicle and pedestrian access to your premises.

All our secure metal gates compliment the fencing we supply and can be operated with manual or automatic access control functions. With a large range of metal gate styles available, we can provide the additional security measures to your fencing that you need.


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Metal railings are an alternative to steel palisade fencing which creates both an attractive and welcoming appearance to any property. With a range of railing styles including bow top, square and round vertical rails you have a choice of modern or traditional metal railings.

Our bow top railing range conforms to the required safety regulations for play area fencing and the metal rails can be either galvanized or polyester coated for a low-maintenance, low-cost metal rail fencing solution.


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Steel Palisade

As leading steel palisade fencing suppliers, we offer a wide range of palisade fencing designs providing ultimate security for your commercial and industrial premises. Steel palisade fences and gates are also a popular choice for schools and public sector customers wish to protect properties against vandalism and damage with a high security and low maintenance metal fencing solution.

With varying types of steel palisade fences and systems available – our metal palisade fencing comes in most heights, steel thickness and with pedestrian or vehicle access gates for the best security fence solution for your property.


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Chain link

Chain link fencing (also called chain wire fencing) and welded mesh rolls are a popular, versatile and durable fencing option. Available in galvanized and coated finishes, our chain link fencing options conforms to boundary demarcation BS1722 part 1 through to permanent fencing BS1722 part 10.

Chain link metal fencing supported by concrete, wooden or metal post systems provides a degree of security as well as visibility. Single or double leaf metal gates can be fitted with this type of fencing for vehicle or pedestrian access.

Our additional chain link fence options include high-tensile steel wire for extra fence strength and unique green PVC coating for a longer life span.


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