Top 5 Benefits of Post & Rail Fencing

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Top 5 Benefits of Post & Rail Fencing

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If you have been having a hard time deciding which kind of fence to get for your home, to mark your property, or simply to keep your cattle in, then getting post and rail fencing is a great choice. It makes use of perpendicular posts and horizontal railings. Though it is usually made of timber, there are other variations which are made of synthetic material, metal, and plastic.

Unlike like other kinds of fencing, post and rail fencing is quite simple. Here are its top 5 benefits:


It has added aesthetic value. It looks good on both narrow and wide properties and even on flat and sloping terrains. It allows for an open view for visitors to see the beauty of your area on the inside of the fence, without discounting its “no trespassing” appeal. Other fences obstruct the view. You can get your delineation without destroying the sight of your property. Not only is it visually attractive, it is also durable. And as a bonus, post and rail fencing can blend with any design of your property.

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It is cost-effective. Depending on the style of post and rail fencing that you choose, prices vary but what is for sure is that, relative to the prices of others types of fences, it is more economical. You can opt for the traditional wooden ones since they are the cheapest. In addition, there are spaces in between rails so you save on materials.


It is hard-wearing. You get good value for your money. You need not change it every year or two. At the same time, it is prone to decay because it is made of organic material. Nonetheless, post and rail fencing is comparatively less likely to deteriorate over time than its counterparts. It is by nature sturdy so whether you will use it for security or for keeping livestock in, it is still a recommended selection.

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Simple to install

It is simple to install. You can quickly have it erected because its installation basically entails fitting pegs to holes. It is not time-consuming to set up. In the same way, it is hassle-free to uninstall as well. Note, however, that it can be permanently mounted on the ground by pushing the poles deeper into the soil.


It is adjustable and customizable. You can modify each rail or pole without much difficulty. Furthermore, upon purchase, you can choose the height of each post and the width of each rail contingent on your preferences and the size of your area. There is no need to buy fences that are ready-made (one size fits all) as they rigid. Should you need to adjust your property boundaries, you can just disassemble the posts and rails and then have them re-installed where the new borders are. If you want to tighten your security, you can wind some barbed wire around the rails.

All in all, post and rail fencing is beneficial to property owners because it is simple yet classy, inexpensive yet durable, and modifiable yet stress-free to mount.