Which Security Fencing and Gates Are Right For Your School’s Needs?

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Which Security Fencing and Gates Are Right For Your School’s Needs?

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Choosing the right fencing for your school is very important for a whole host of reasons. First off, having the right fencing will show visitors to your school that you take security and the safety of your pupils very seriously. It also creates a boundary between private and public property, preventing unauthorised access into your school.

Fortunately, there is a wide range of security fencing available to suit all your needs. Below we’ve got a brief summary of the different types available to you, and what each is best used for. So read on to find out which fencing best suits your school!

Acoustic fencing

Noise pollution is increasingly becoming an issue, especially within inner-city areas. Fortunately, there are fences which can deal with some of the noise pollution of a nearby road or busy street outside your school. Acoustic fencing is made of several layers of wood which absorb and reflect sound.

Being wooden, they’re also sustainable and strong enough to provide good security as well. So if your school is in a noisy area, this could be the fencing solution you’re looking for.

Anti-trap bow top fencing

This type of fencing is a real staple of playground security. You’ve probably seen it surrounding your public park before. It’s designed to have wider bars so children don’t get their head, necks, or limbs stuck in the gaps.

They also provide robust security to prevent unwanted access. These fences are great for pre-schools and playground areas. However, they’re fairly easy to climb over, so aren’t the most secure option for your school.

Barbican fencing

Another type of fencing you’ve probably seen is Barbican fencing. This fencing offers more security than the anti-trap bow top fencing and acoustic fencing previously mentioned. This is because of the added deterrent of rails that are pointed at the top. These fences are incredibly strong, but also very stylish and well designed so they’ll add a bit more of a professional look to your school security.

Barbican Defender Xtreme

This is another level up from Barbican’s standard fencing in terms of providing security against intruders. This type of fencing is as much about providing a visual deterrent as it is about providing actual security. They look imposing, so will make any would-be intruders think twice about trying to gain access to your school.

They’re higher, have pales which curve outwards with pointed ends, and they’re also thicker to provide more strength. All of this means they’re an incredibly robust security solution for your school. Probably the best fencing you can get if security is your main concern.


Hopefully, this brief summary of the best security fencing out there has given you some more information on which fencing is best for your school. We’d love to hear your thoughts on our Facebook! There’s plenty more information available on our website, so have a look at the products we provide and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.