Six fun and funky ideas to transform your chain link fencing

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Six fun and funky ideas to transform your chain link fencing

chainlink fencing being decorated with fabric
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Many properties, commercial and residential, have features that, regardless of what angle you look at them from, are just not that attractive and chain link fencing can certainly sometimes fall into this unaesthetically pleasing category.

In an ideal world, we’d have practical solutions to our fencing needs that are as beautiful as they are useful, but the reality is that finance, tenancy restrictions and feasibility issues get in the way.

When it comes to chain link fencing your options for improvement may seem limited but with a little imagination and, in most cases below, a minimal budget – you can completely transform your chain link fencing into something awesome, inspiring, or just downright cool.

Here are just a few ideas we’ve put together to help you convert your chain link fence into a thing of beauty!

1)     Use it as trellis (or add some!)

If your chain link fence is situated so that you can plant foliage at the base then you have yourself a perfect trellis! Bear in mind that the density of your plant may block out some sunlight so take some time to research your best options.

chain link fence flowers

Clematis which has grown into a chain link fence from

If you don’t have soil – there are plenty of climbing plants that thrive in pots! Whilst not an overnight fix – with a little patience you’ll have a beautiful transformation! Grow an array of colourful flowers, grow fruit, or alternatively, disguise them with some tall shrubs or small trees.

chain link fence grape flowers

Grapes growing on a chain link fence from

You can also add some trellis itself to help build up a fuller picture!

chain link fence trellis

Chain link fence landscaping ideas from sourced from

2)     Cover with wood slats

You might not be allowed to make permanent changes to the fencing you have so attaching wood slats is the perfect solution. Easily secured to the fence with wire, the wood slats can easily be removed once you move on.

chain link fence wood slats

Vinyl PVC Slats on a Chain Link Fence by

3)     Hanging decorations


For those feeling a little more experimental why not use the chain links to hang decorations from – coloured glass stones are perfect and can be easily installed by wrapping in string or wire. If you’re lucky enough to have some direct sunlight, these types of stones will create magical reflections!

chain link fence glass gems

Glass water gems Pinterest user Melanie Tyler wrapped with wire and attached to her chain link fence

Alternatively, you could hang some other types of decorations, such as figurines, cut outs or even make decorating it a fun community or team-building project.

chain link fence hearts

Woven chain link fence hearts by

chain link fence postcards

Postcards and pictures clipped to chain link fence by HYPEBEAST

chain link fence CD

Decorated old CDs glued to chain link fence – photo taken by Flickr user cobalt123

chain link fence plywood birds

Painted plywood birds and fish attached to school chain link fence from


4)     Metal paint

For a really low cost but smart solution, you can get metal spray paint from most local DIY stores for very little investment. This is a great way to smarten up a shabby or tarnished chain fence into a smart addition to any property. And if you’re prepared to be a little brave – metal paints come in a wide range of colours.

chain link fence white painted

White painted chain link fence from

5)     Bamboo or reed screens

Natural material screens are a low cost and removable solution that will help you cover the fencing altogether. Not only that but covering chain link fencing will add some privacy to a garden or business – so if your chain link fence has left you a feeling a little exposed – this may be the answer.

chain link fence bamboo

Bamboo fence attached to chain link fence by

6)     Artistic weaving

For the more creative among us, chain link fencing provides a perfect weaving frame. Use durable, brightly coloured material to weave in and out of the gaps between the links to create a beautiful mural for your home or business. What’s wonderful about this idea is that you can change it as often as you like – meaning you never have to commit to one design! [Inspiration:]

chain link fence lace weaving

Lace weaving with string on chain link fence from and POPSUGAR Home

chain link fence fabric

Milwaukee fabric weaving project for chain fence from

Your chain link fencing needn’t be boring, and we hope some of these ideas have helped prove that! Whether you want to liven up the exterior of your business, or let your creativity creep into your garden – there’s a surprising amount that can be done to transform your simple chain link fence! All it takes is your imagination!

If you’re a school looking for fun craft ideas to get the children involved in, getting them involved in a simple weaving design is great fun as well as making your school fencing look beautiful and inspirational!

Have you been inspired by the ideas in this post? We’d love to see the results – contact us or message us on Facebook with your pictures and we’ll feature the best of your submissions on our blog and social media!