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Rigid mesh fencing panels are extremely versatile as they cater for all security categories. Warefence can supply and install your perfect solution.

Mesh Fencing Systems range from low height open mesh panels to secure anti-cut, anti-climb systems. Rigid mesh fencing makes the ideal partner to CCTV/surveillance systems, and in situations where supervision is required.

All rigid mesh fencing offers:

  • High through visibility
  • Resistance to vandalism and climbing
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Minimal impact on surrounding area
  • Long life
  • Low maintenance

358 flat/profiled panel

Available up to a height of six metres, this is the ideal fencing solution when you need high levels of security, combined with minimal visual impact.

The small mesh aperture is designed to be toe and finger proof, making it an anti-climb and anti-cut fence with high resistance to vandalism. It is almost impossible to cut the wires using conventional bolt or wire cutters. For an even greater level of security, extra length panels can be buried below ground to prevent digging underneath the fence line.

Although incredibly secure, this option allows excellent through visibility when the fence is viewed head-on or even at an angle. This is especially important if the fence will be used with an access control/ surveillance system.

Choose from either flat or profiled panels: the profiled option incorporates a pressed ‘V-beam’. Both options have a long life and low maintenance requirements.

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Twin wire 200×50

These panels are manufactured from heavy welded mesh, incorporating twin horizontal wires positioned on either side of the verticals for increased rigidity and resistance to cut through and vandalism.

These reversible panels have vertical barbs of 30mm on one end, and can be installed with the barbs at the top or at the bottom.

Standard heights available: 1.0m/1.2m/1.8m/2.0m/2.4m.

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Unequal aperture profile panel

This is an ideal solution when a fence needs to be both aesthetically pleasing and highly secure. The innovative design gives excellent through visibility, yet is very difficult to climb, and resistant to being cut through. The pressed ‘V’ beams incorporated into the design of the panels give increased strength and rigidity.

Standard heights available: 0.9m/1.2m/1.8m/2.0m/2.4m.

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Profiled panel 200×50

This option gives an attractive and cost effective solution for long runs of fencing requiring low to medium levels of security. The panels have a high level of rigidity and come in a wide variety of colours.

Standard colours are Green RAL6005 and Black RAL9005.
Standard heights available: 1.7m; 2.0m and 2.4m.

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Roll top

Our welded mesh panel system is ideal for situations where safety is important. The rolled top and bottom edge means that there are no raw or sharp edges, so it’s widely used in schools, sports grounds, parks and playgrounds. This system allows excellent visibility, and therefore it’s ideal where supervision is required.

Standard colours are Green RAL6005 and Black RAL9005.
Standard heights available: 0.9m; 1.2m; 1.5m; 1.8m; 2.4m.

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Sports court

There is always a risk of vandalism and criminal damage to public sports areas, and as such, there is a subsequent need for sports fencing systems to offer protection for the area. With a high level of boundary and perimeter security, our solutions still meet the needs of the players.

Benefits of the sports court fencing systems include:

  • Strength and rigidity
  • Resistance to vandalism and graffiti artists
  • Good through visibility all around the court
  • Durable and virtually maintenance-free
  • Retains shape and will not sag
  • Adaptable: the systems can be tailored to suit the requirements of the user, and the sport

We offer customised solutions with many options to suit your specific requirements:

Varimesh/Multimesh systems incorporate rebound panels for the lower 1.2m of the fence, where there will be the most impact from balls. Rebound panels have extra horizontal wires for increased strength, and a uniform bounce of rebounding balls. The higher level panels are constructed of conventional mesh and fence heights can be varied according to the needs of the end-user.

This system can be tailored to your requirements – for example, to incorporate reinforced and recessed goal areas and increased height across goal ends/areas. Additional cross rails are available to give lateral reinforcement for maximum resistance to heavy impact.

Welded mesh roll fencing can provide a cost-effective general-purpose sports perimeter.

Chain link fencing, both high tensile and PVC coated, can be installed where a court is used for light game play, such as badminton or tennis.

Welded Mesh panels provide a heavy-duty ball court solution perfect for football and rugby. As well as providing good vandal resistance, this system gives a good ball rebound.

Timber boarding added to welded mesh provides enhanced durability for low-level ball play.

Rebound Fencing is becoming more popular than traditional wooden rebound board systems, as it eliminates easy hiding places for trespassers, is much harder to vandalise and lasts longer.

Our sports fencing can incorporate special rubber inserts to reduce noise from ball impacts, which is extremely useful in residential areas.


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