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Steel can provide a rigid fencing system with a high level of protection at a reasonable cost and is available in a galvanised or polyester coated finish. Palisade systems can range from low to high security fencing, depending on the steel thicknesses and profiles and the fixing systems specified.

Palisade is supplied in 2.75m wide standard panels for easy assembly on site. Manufactured in D or W profile, with a choice of tops (single pointed, triple pointed, rounded top), it is available in a range of heights from 0.9m up to 4m, depending on the level of security required. The round top alternatives are recommended for use where a fence height of 1.8m or less is required – this is due to the obvious safety issues.

We can also supply pedestrian and vehicle gates to match your steel fencing.

There are many benefit of installing the palisade fencing on the commercial premises, if you have any enquiry, please get in touch today and our professional team are always happy to help.